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IQL insight groovy script Version 6.1.0



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      INSIGHT 6.1.2


      I do have an issue with IQL insight a groovy script since the update to Version 6.1.0. This is the script:

                                          /* Specify the schema id as well as the IQL that will fetch objects. In this case all objects with Name matching the valueCF, be sure to include " around value /                                    String iqlSearchString = "objectType = Application and object HAVING outR\u0028object HAVING outR\u0028Key = " + UserKey + "\u0029\u0029"                                    log.debug("iqlSearchString: " + iqlSearchString)                                    //def objects = iqlFacade.findObjectsByIQLAndSchema(6, iqlSearchString); // See the complete list of possible IQL on the Insight Query Language documentation page                                    / If this is a mandatory field you should be able to do this: */                                    log.info("Application object: " + objects[0]);

      When I enable the def objects... line I get 300 lines of error message. If I run it with commended line the search string looks like this:

      iqlSearchString: objectType = Application and object HAVING outR(object HAVING outR(Key = WGPS-179896))

      Do you have any idea if something changed to iql searching insight groovy scripts that possibly has not been mentioned to the documentation?

      The error message I get is the following:

      com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.common.exception.RuntimeInsightException: InsightRuntimeException: nested exception is: null java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException at java.util.AbstractList.add(AbstractList.java:148) at java.util.AbstractList.add(AbstractList.java:108) at java.util.AbstractCollection.addAll(AbstractCollection.java:344) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.services.core.iql.model.operand.IQLFunctionOperand.values(IQLFunctionOperand.java:134) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.services.core.iql.model.operand.IQLBaseOperand.getValues(IQLBaseOperand.java:31) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.services.core.iql.model.operand.IQLFunctionOperand.values(IQLFunctionOperand.java:135) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.services.core.iql.model.operand.IQLBaseOperand.getValues(IQLBaseOperand.java:31) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.services.core.impl.IQLServiceImpl.appendUserScope(IQLServiceImpl.java:137) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.services.core.impl.IQLServiceImpl.findObjects(IQLServiceImpl.java:84) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.channel.external.api.facade.impl.IQLFacadeImpl.findObjectsByIQLAndSchema(IQLFacadeImpl.java:65) at com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight.channel.external.api.facade.IQLFacade$findObjectsByIQLAndSchema.call(Unknown Source) at Script934.run(Script934.groovy:124)

      Can you please help me with this issue?




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